The Eklektikos Tarot

The Eklektikos Tarot is a work in progress... representing the diversity of symbology, through different cultures, historical and mythical characters among them. With nature and oneness as its core.

All the images are done in pencil colours, including the border.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Princess of Wands.


  1. Hi, been waiting for the next card to come along and am so pleased to see it. Each card I see makes me so impatient to get the full deck!! this card is delightful I love love love it.
    With blessings
    Val (UK) xxxx

  2. Charming! Happy to see the deck is still progressing :)

  3. Slowly but surely :) I'm currently working on the Princess of Swords, but other projects are taking more of my time, like a children's book I'm illustrating now. I will continue working on the cards, so don't worry.

    Blessings xxxx